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Simpro Dumpmaster

Bin lifters that prioritise quality, flexibility and safety

The Simpro Dumpmaster empties any kind of bin at any height, with a unique electro-hydraulic mechanism that can lift and tip more than 250kg. The Dumpmaster is the safest, fastest and most reliable bin tipper on the market, and has been continuously improved over more than thirty years.

Dumpmaster bin tippers are very versatile and are used in dozens of applications; from emptying rubbish bins into skips to pouring food ingredients into mixers. They feature a unique tipping action which lifts the bin straight up, then gently rolls it upside down over the lip of the receptacle. Less than 1m3 of floor space is required regardless of tipping height, since the weight of the bin is maintained within the floor footprint at all times.

The Dumpmaster was designed for safety, with full guarding and door interlock systems fitted as standard. The machine can be optionally certified to various standards, including ISO 12100AS/NZS 4024, and CE.

No matter how it is used, the Simpro Dumpmaster has proven to be safe, reliable and economical to operate, year after year.

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