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EVO31 Front Lift Garbage Truck

Simple yet strong, light yet durable. The design brief for the EVO 31 was born from existing, time tested designs and evolved into a reliable, maintenance-friendly truck that will go the distance.

Rugged Construction

With a 90% content of high tensile steels from the Hardox, Domex and Weldox range, our body, blade and arm construction combine light tare weight with rugged durability. Seamless body and door construction provide more accurate body dimensions to reduce blade clearance resulting in less mess and a cleaner finish. Standard inclusion Hardox 450 single piece floor and blade runners resist wear and impact without the reliance on ‘work hardening’ over time.

Reduced Maintenance

Simple, single valve hydraulic design, reduced pipe work and standard off the shelf electrical components provide a reliable and mechanic friendly truck. The Hardox 450 construction combats wear and impact damage to reduce maintenance and extend body life.

Pure Innovation

Our innovative touch screen control provides operator friendly control, built in CCTV interface and maintenance/ help screens. Customisable fault or hazard warnings have options of visual and/or audible warnings that are logged in a maintenance file for monitoring. All pressure, timer and counter functions are adjusted from the touch screen without the need of a laptop or electrician to drive it.


90% of body, blade and arms are Hardox 450, Weldox or Domex 700

Lighter body, greater durability and wear resistance resulting in longer working life and lower maintenance costs.

Simple hydraulic system with single main DCV

No chassis mounted pipes. Increased reliability and easier to fault find and maintain. Simpler fit up and neater finish

Touch screen control

Increased feed back and fault monitoring for driver and mechanics. Smaller control box taking up less room in cab. Multi camera interface with larger/clearer screen. PLC ‘virtual view’ eliminates need to access PLC.

Seamless body and door construction

More accurate body dimensions to reduce blade clearance and associated mess. Less welds creates a smooth uninterrupted appearance enhancing customer’s corporate image and logos along the sides of the body.

Remote mounted PLC controller

Mounted in sealed box behind seat to protect it as access for maintenance is no longer required.

Simple electrical fit up

Single valve in body only requires one main loom to be run.

High Tensile Blade Runners

Hardox 450 formed blade channels and replaceable wear pressings on blade and body.

Spill free hydraulic system

Single valve design reduces hoses and fittings to reduce potential oil leaks. All valves are mounted within the body to reduce the chance of drips and spills onto roadways. All exposed external hoses have spray guard sleeves fitted.

Load cell mounts integral to body rails

Ease of fit up/retrofitting of load cells as standard. Load distribution through vertical web of chassis rails to reduce side load and fatigue to chassis.

Technical Specifications

Body Walls, Roof & Door 4mm Hardox 450
Floor, Blade Runners & Body Runners 5mm Hardox 450
Structural Body Pressings 5mm Domex 700
Pack Blade Face 5mm Domex 700
Lift Arms 5mm Domex 700
Forks 20mm Weldox 700

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