VIAJET 6 Street Sweeper

Quiet, efficient and environmentally responsible – with its extensive range of versatile fittings and equipment, the German-designed Viajet 6 can be tailored to fit into almost any operational role, while providing maximum efficiency with FAUN’s pioneering recycled air technology (fitted as standard).

As global leaders in the field of hydraulic drive technology, FAUN design and manufacture single-engine concepts that lead the way in hydraulically and hydrostatically powered sweeping machines, combined with the very latest in auxiliary engine and chassis engine driven concepts to deliver efficient and effective solutions.

Engineered and manufactured in Germany, the Viajet 6 has one of the lowest tare weights on the market, while providing an enormous 6m3 for refuse storage, all in one compact unit.

Air Recycling Circulation System

The revolutionary air recycling system of the Viajet 6 constantly recirculates the air from the sweeper to the suction box, resulting in no polluted air being expelled into the working area at the rear or surrounding the machine. The fine dust emissions from the Viajet are 50% less than that of purely suction designed sweepers. This recycled air also retains moisture which reduces the volume of water spray required to settle the dust.

Ultra Low Noise Levels

The fact that the exhausting air is a fraction of standard sweepers and emitted at low velocity underneath the body there is no air blast noise from the sweeper. Additional noise reduction options allow operation at levels as low as 100 dB (67 inside cabin) allowing the Viajet 6 to work all hours of the day, even for late night city street operation.

Unrivalled Fuel Efficiency

The FAUN auxiliary engine uses only 5-6 litres per hour of fuel compared to the 10-12 litres used in other systems. With fuel at an average of $1.50 per litre, that's a saving of almost $18,000 per year!

Huge Water Capacity Combined with Low Water Usage

The Viajet 6 primary and auxiliary water tanks hold a massive 1,900 litres. Additionally, the efficient and strategically placed spray nozzles on the Viajet 6 only require 8-10 litres per minute to be effective, 10 litres less than competitor models.


It all comes down to position

Inclined suction fan provides optimum volume flow and improved suction power.

Modern drive concepts

FAUN has many years of experience and success to draw on with the three basic types of drive. Depending on the operational area of the sweeper, the customer can choose between different drive concepts.

Sweeping without disturbance

The “Silent Plus” option means highly effective noise reduction by up to 99 dB(A) on the engine and fan system

The V-nozzle

The V-shaped suction nozzle with its large aperture, made of 4 mm steel, conveys the swept material directly into the suction pipe. Even in difficult conditions, heavy material will be completely picked up.

Increased water capacity

The twin tank solution provides for a total tank volume of 1,900 litres. The primary fibre glass tank is fixed directly onto the sub frame under the hopper. The secondary tank, also made of fibre glass, is mounted in between fan and cab, providing additional noise protection.

At a glance

The central operating panel provides easy access to all the functions, showing the driver all important information

Technical Specifications


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About Our Partner FAUN

With the highly regarded Wastech Frontlift Truck design now over 5 years’ old, the natural movement for Wastech was to forge a partnership with a highly-reputable leader in the mobile waste collection industry to complete its suite of products. There is no better partner than Faun, demonstrating all the hallmarks of superior German engineering.

Several senior members of the Wastech Technical Service and Support Team have comprehensive previous experience running fleets of the Faun range of rear load garbage trucks.  The combination of extensive hands on experience, an expanding service division and the Faun range of equipment, Wastech is now able to offer the complete range of collection and sweeping solutions for your industry.